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explicit327875 artist:evomanaphy848 oc628815 oc only419192 oc:river chime19 pegasus258143 pony885674 anatomically correct22130 anus89993 ass44866 bed38021 bedroom9143 blushing182985 camera shot1152 camgirl22 cervix1492 chest fluff34440 clitoris24997 cute186658 cute porn5947 dark genitals9901 dock45890 doodle2527 feather fingers42 female1288078 heart clitoris1576 livestream361 looking at you153017 mare440364 nudity344455 patreon11955 patreon reward1344 perineal raphe701 ponut40210 presenting22447 smiling225055 solo1005436 solo female171904 spread legs17627 spread pussy3400 spreading17328 squeezing433 streaming66 thighs10038 urethra2394 vagina46901 vulva117463 vulvar winking10853 webcam192 wing hands1893 wing spreading169


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Background Pony #827C

She posted an example from the show that demonstrates just how the characters can use their feathers like hands/fingers. So no, it isn't "against logic". It's straight out of the show.

And if you're arguing that feathers shouldn't be able to do that at all, well… ponies shouldn't be able to talk, yet they do in the show anyway.
Background Pony #5D27
It's stupid and against logic. You draw pone genitals even if they don't exist in MLP:FiM, so why you copied one of dumbest things from here?
If there will be hooves instead of wings, i'll rate this art 10\10.