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Graph asked me to draw Barb
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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"D-Dusk Shine, what did you to me?"

"You said you wanted me to make you more attractive so Elusive would notice you more."

"I meant with like makeup and stuff."

"Well, it's not makeup, but I'm sure this will be just as effective, if not more."

"What will Elusive think of me now? I look ridiculous."

"I'm sure he will always love his little Barby-Warby."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"Well that's the best answer you're gonna get out of me unless you want to ask Elusive yourself."

"Mnnn, what do I wear then? I can't walk around naked."

"Elusive wouldn't mind."

"This is serious Dusk!"

"Okay okay it was just a joke. Uhhhh, well the only thing you really wear is either an apron or a bikini. And all of the clothes Elusive made for you are gonna have no change of fitting."

"huff Mmmm I'll try the bikini. It's less fetish fuel and has reason to be sexy."

Dusk Shine poofs up her bikini around her, clearly much tighter than usual

"How does it fit?"

Barb merely stared at Dusk Shine as if he had just asked her the stupidest question ever.

"How do you think it fits"

"Hehe, too tight. Sorry, stupid question."

"Yeah, it kinda was."

"Well at least you're now wearing something."

"Uh, I think I'm gonna get a blanket, too."

"Yyyyeah that'd be good idea."

Dusk poofs up her blanket and covers herself as best she can

"Um, o-okay, I'm gonna go see Elusive now."

"Listen, Barb, like I said, you're his little Barby-Warby, he can only think better of you. No matter what you look like."

Barb smiled at his comforting words and grew a bit more confident


Barb left the castle and made her way to Elusive's shop leaving Dusk by himself

"Elusive, that girl would go to the ends of Equestria for you. Maybe you should tell her how you feel so she can stop stressing over trying to get you to like her."

Dusk thought aloud to himself. Returning to his work at hand and could only wish for the best for his #1 assistant.