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Mmph mphna mprh
He would have spent that gold on butt toys anyway, so it's all the same. Maybe even more fun. Definately more fun.
Poison Trail
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Hey, black candles are surprisingly difficult to find, and I'm pretty sure going to one of those shops puts you on a list somehow.

Still worth it
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Tentacles wouldn't make an image gay/straight/lesbian in any sense, unless other characters besides the tentacles are interacting with eachother.
So lets leave the tagging discussion out of the comments.
@Background Pony #378D
If the "wife" doesn't take any, stuffs both of his holes with strapons, and he always looks forward to being fucked instead of fucking her every time, than very likely.

Unless the wife was a male, it would still be Straight.
Background Pony #F965
I mean…
that's what he was going to use the infinite riches for, anyways.