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Frost D. Tart was minding his own business while out for a walk when suddenly he felt something hooking onto his underwear. Before he could react, he was being lifted up by his briefs into the air by Pinkie's helicopter bike."Hey there" said Pinkie Pie,"I thought I would give you a flying tour of the town. Sorry about not asking first but I do love surprising everypony! I know you can fly on your own but this way I can direct this tour so you can see all the sights in all their beauty!."

A request for StarVagrant
suggestive (118615) artist:tacomytaco (339) pinkie pie (194708) oc (555829) oc:frost d. tart (224) alicorn (175563) earth pony (166784) pony (763770) alicorn oc (19418) belly button (62109) briefs (406) chest fluff (28059) clothes (375663) cloud (29649) female (809852) hanging wedgie (68) helicopter (435) horn (30971) male (275808) panties (43277) pinkiecopter (64) sky (10130) socks (52036) underwear (51741) wedgie (1378) wings (58965)


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