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explicit327875 artist:screwingwithsfm1021 applejack162837 big macintosh27120 anthro240757 plantigrade anthro29089 3d67978 anal25524 analjack40 animated94290 applecest1989 applejack's hat6068 applemac1081 balls69678 barefoot25710 big breasts74026 breasts254959 brother and sister3820 busty applejack9590 cowboy hat14099 exhibitionism7968 feet36721 female1288079 hat79727 incest12766 male344678 nipples151963 nudity344455 outdoor sex1530 outdoors8576 penetration52518 public sex3037 sex111630 shipping188720 sound7685 source filmmaker41267 straight128100 sweet apple acres2713 webm11426


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25 comments posted
Background Pony #DD33
@Background Pony #9BF5
Judging from the angle I'd say it's Apple Bloom watching her brother and sister.
That's probably for the best. She needs to learn how it's done before her turn comes up.

@Background Pony #6E23
Sticking it in her butt so she don't get preggers.

Smart thinking.
@Background Pony #6E23
They learned that the hard way
They were fortunate the first time it happened. Their parents were still around, so a new addition to the family was easier to explain away. Still, they both promised to make sure it would never happen again.

This was the compromise when it became obvious that they weren't going to stop their incestuous liaisons.
Background Pony #7E59
Judging from the angle I'd say it's Apple Bloom watching her brother and sister.

i do free requests
id love to see some more from screwingwithsfm manly more non-futa cause i have that on filter, and yes i do still check his tumbler

And this is now one of 30-ish images to be put onto my favorites.

I love incest with sound, but not enough to actually give them voices.

The slapping and quiet breathing was perfection.

Now I wonder if there will be a vaginal with creampie version of this, that would be awesome.

Best part about all of it was definitely the life of animation they had.
Background Pony #DD33
Somehow, I feel like this is from Apple Bloom's point of view. Probably not the first time she's seen them do this either.

There's also the argument to be made that the reason they're doing it this way is so they don't end up with another Apple Bloom.