Happy Birthday, MLP! MLP turns 35 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Background Pony #B2F7
And today’s news Mobians have paws Humans have toes Fish have gills Fairys have can fly birds have wings this has been Captain obvious news
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Background Pony #6038
uh, yeah….they all do. they’re humans. i mean, we’ve seen Sunset and Twilight’s feet before and Rarity wore opened toed shoes on that one outfit in Rainbow Rocks.
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Pinkie WK's avatar
Pinkie WK
Party Til You Puke!
I really hope we get a good shot of some cute eqg feet/soles someday… like the scene where Sunset opens the fridge in eqg 2, we got some sexy hips!
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Background Pony #6839
What an amazing discovery! We’re you under the impression her legs ended in stumps just because she wore boots?
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