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Twilight’s parents visit quite often, with their son being in the royal guard academy and their daughter being my apprentice. They are both wonderful ponies and I enjoy their company immensely. They’re always welcome!
safe1583958 artist:greyscaleart873 night light2021 princess celestia89715 shining armor21671 twilight sparkle283413 twilight velvet3848 pony854536 the tiny apprentice58 colt13292 cookie3319 female1181046 filly59805 filly twilight sparkle2474 male309282 picnic1241 smol511 twilight stealing a cookie17 younger15540


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Background Pony #0857
to me twilight velvat be too studien of celestia but not as the same level of her dauther! yes she be a pit jalouse but she more happy for twilight! velvat meet night light in school!