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My 2 new Pets (commission)

Commission by Nightmare_Shinigami

Some problem with the render , my new screen have the contrast to hight or on my laptop the pics look like cold … , and that bother me for the render =/ and i’ve really no idea with what render i continue to use , i think change maybe later if i find an solution .

Rarity have open a new boutique in canterlot , and for the first client it’s an free demonstration for the stuff.

Rarity – Excuse me for my assistant she is new in town and he is not used to see an great cock like you , enjoy for be our first client <3 and let us show you how all accessories work.

Fluttershy – Oh dear … i’ve really need of this . I’m sorry for not being focused

Cum version of >>1573767
explicit (289699)alternate version (25663)artist:hooves-art (905)fluttershy (187698)rarity (160678)anthro (206417)pegasus (199346)unicorn (217199)3d (53299)big penis (6175)blowjob (26234)breasts (212130)busty fluttershy (13339)busty rarity (9700)choker (7556)clothes (367446)cock worship (2297)collar (25341)commission (42495)condom (2486)cum (66470)cum on breasts (2296)dildo (11740)double blowjob (947)eyeshadow (10970)facial (7127)female (789325)femsub (6622)floppy ears (42335)horsecock (53173)licking (16133)licking cock (3424)licking dildo (67)lucky bastard (1874)makeup (14761)male (268316)male pov (5970)mare (353382)multiple blowjob (1176)nudity (302988)offscreen character (25238)oral (40348)panties (42559)penis (124972)pov (13426)rarislut (274)sex (96629)sex toy (21093)sluttershy (1015)smiling (189206)source filmmaker (31875)spiked choker (1005)spiked collar (718)straight (112082)submissive (10353)thong (4932)tongue out (78599)underwear (50939)wallpaper (16928)wallpaper for the fearless (1478)


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Background Pony #A420
I get so wet looking at these, wish I could be there with them bitches licking that cock <3
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