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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
The relationship between the movie villain’s henchpony and the G4 Fizzy Pop has been speculated about for over a month. The cutie mark link seems to have come through fanart based on charadreemurr’s tumblr post which links her back to G1’s movie-themed Caramel Crunch via G4 Fizzy Pop.
Slowpoke here claims no credit for any of this. mathprofbrony mentioned a likeness to the G3 Fizzy Pop in one of my comic uploads which got my attention, and I looked into a firework link that sounded very backcardish via My Little Wiki. The MLW photo dates from 2013, and I don’t suspect them of fiddling with times for giggles.
So there’s more than one thread to this really. I think the G3 pony has the closest appearance, but other ponies do too (consider G1 Sherbet (UK: Sorbet Surprise)). Spoiling the movie joke it’s just that Tempest Shadow the fearsome outsider horse needed a very generic sweet-and-ponyish original name, for a funny contrast with her earlier edgelord bullshit. Incidentally, the etymologies of “fizzy” and “fizzle” are surprisingly scatological, and the words are related but not the same. But a “fizzlepop” seems merely a firework-related pun. So none of this is exactly proven, but it’s close enough for me.