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[Originally posted: March 16, 2014]
Edit of: >>959599

UPDATE credited the original sauce. I actually the original floating around a brony group on Facebook and thought it looked fantastic, so I vectored it… but edited it to be best poni. No toe-stepping intended!

It's been a long time coming… seriously, this piece has been long overdue. I've been super, super busy at school but I finally found the time to finish this. Let me tell ya, the shading is a real bitch. There might be 1 or 2 small issues with this that I overlooked. If you see them, let me know and I'll fix it. Anyway enjoy!

Also, with all the stuff that's happened since my A Twi and Dashie Show, I thought this'd be appropriate. The intention was to… make her look older I guess? Not sure how Dash would look though. But yeah! The strokes for the hair are a little different compared to the body strokes but meh. The idea was that her hair was thin… or something like that. I think that larger strokes would have made her hair look thick.
safe (1521319) artist:beavernator (864) artist:yourfavoritesenpai (82) edit (110394) twilight sparkle (274014) alicorn (183525) pony (795904) alternate hairstyle (22937) clothes (387043) cute (166978) female (845505) hair over eyes (786) head tilt (939) hoof shoes (3613) long hair (3101) looking at you (134680) mare (386360) messy mane (6595) pegasus wings (148) purple hair (487) simple background (323834) smiling (201977) solo (936240) spread wings (45320) transparent background (169084) twiabetes (9481) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110887) wings (65203)


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