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Often times, you forget Sunset is the “more experienced” one out of the group. Needless to say, her libido doesn’t pair well with the weak on most "cute little" date nights…
explicit (288484)artist:manic-the-lad (173)sunset shimmer (51802)twilight sparkle (265171)equestria girls (163500)aftersex (7419)annoyed (4453)anus (79581)areola (10925)bed (32048)bedroom (6979)blue hair (635)blushing (157889)body pillow (2995)breasts (211003)creampie (23855)cum (66204)dialogue (52180)eyelashes (3140)female (784008)implied bisexual (146)implied futa (645)implied futa on female (88)implied futa twilight sparkle (15)implied shipping (3692)implied sunsetsparkle (272)indoors (1528)long hair (2888)multicolored hair (3515)nipples (123788)nudity (301682)offscreen character (25069)on back (20384)on bed (1770)open mouth (107296)patreon (10522)patreon logo (7690)pillow (13209)pink hair (712)premature ejaculation (170)pubic hair (6358)purple hair (440)red hair (551)solo (893125)solo female (157173)sunset's apartment (256)sweat (20440)unwanted cumshot (273)vulva (100019)yellow hair (175)


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Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale

Emily Brickenbrackle III
Well, judging by how sweaty you are, Sunny, either the temperature is super high (and you’ve got no A/C) or he rocked your world during foreplay.
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Full disclosure, if I had sex with Sunset, or any one of my favorites, I’d probably cum immediately after entering her… and even quicker somehow if she was a pony…
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(Previously known as BigBadSeed)

Offensive. Please ban.
Ladies, if you want to cum, you should make a sincere effort to do so, instead of just lying there like a dead fish. Just like in life, you shouldn’t depend on others to make you enjoy yourself.
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