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Physical contact between Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
in chronological order, from left to right

slideshow version

I kept this down to one screencap per moment of contact,
so there are a few cute/funny poses that I may have left out,
this one probably being the most notable absence, from s07e14:

safe1727605 edit134223 screencap224454 aloe2647 applejack171550 berry punch6614 berryshine6614 big macintosh28563 blues1024 carrot cake2126 cheerilee10066 cloudchaser3869 cornicle211 cup cake4210 daisy2565 derpy hooves50477 doctor whooves10831 flower wishes2437 fluttershy214935 lily2008 lily valley2008 linky1625 lyra heartstrings29864 noteworthy1023 pinkie pie218214 rainbow dash236243 rarity183655 shoeshine1738 spike79523 starlight glimmer49215 stygian792 thorax4391 thunderlane4160 time turner10828 trixie68118 twilight sparkle303175 alicorn228599 changedling8575 changeling48720 dragon57524 unicorn332569 a royal problem2174 celestial advice1161 every little thing she does949 fame and misfortune1090 no second prances1878 shadow play1313 the crystalling2186 the cutie map4158 the cutie re-mark3220 the times they are a changeling932 to where and back again2739 uncommon bond821 absurd resolution66531 background pony10318 book33944 box4730 bump292 canterlot castle2207 clinging90 comforting1294 crying44173 cuddling8478 cute202972 floppy ears53254 forgiveness212 friendship1276 frown23262 glimmerbetes3872 grabbing768 gritted teeth12526 group hug927 happy31726 headbutt107 hill887 holding hooves1684 hug28718 king thorax2932 leaning3680 magic74302 mane six32238 mirror5330 night26866 ouch1033 our town308 poking596 ponyville5963 present6026 rainbow4609 raised hoof47505 redemption114 sad24804 sky14555 smiling254426 sonic rainboom1094 student274 teacher959 tears of joy2591 time vortex52 touch366 tree32866 twiabetes12123 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124936 twilight's castle3995 twilight's castle library327 wall of tags3408


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