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Finished the YCH comic page ~  Now I can finally sleep I hope you like it! ^^
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Ice Wolf
Ah I was thinking if you confirmed that he was dead, you could do a sequel with him doing some lucky mare in heaven, I guess. Maybe a changeling? Idk, it’s up to you if you want to do a sequel for this. Thanks if you reply to this.

Also sorry for rambling again.
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Ice Wolf
Ah, he’s dead-dead, or he’s not Ded? Sorry for asking. I have a bad time with understanding things.

Ps, I’m not one to ask but depending on your answer for the question above, I’ll ask you it once you reply! Thanks!
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Bronze Bit

Great work! Would love to see an edit where her crotch is featureless in box 3, because her rump looks simply amazing in 1 & 2. In 3 not so much.
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Possible Biosyn spy
How did she hide her genitals in the first two panels? And that third panel sure puts the hostess’ comment into perspective.
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Comments28 comments posted