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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Sweetie always had a crush on that Thunderlane guy, so Rarity got Sweetie the best gift she could wish for on her 18th birthday. The Thunder Rod. HAHA! Get it?!

This is my first anthro animation, and I’m kinda happy with it! I wanted to do more, but my brain kept telling me to keep it simple. So I did. Anyways, hope you guys like it.

Credits/Resource list at the source.

Also, if you want to support me. Check out my Patreon blah blah blibbity blah.
explicit (289549)artist:dezmondvulpin (97)rarity (160607)sweetie belle (44638)thunderlane (3555)anthro (206291)3d (53240)animated (86371)barely legal (156)breasts (211960)busty rarity (9698)camera (3243)casual sex (532)clitoris (21591)clothes (367134)collar (25312)corset (3511)couch (6187)cowgirl position (5425)crossed legs (2333)cuckolding (556)cuckquean (234)female (788731)filming (88)incest (11373)leg warmers (1919)lesbian (84376)loop (4320)lucky bitch (7)male (268040)mare (353058)moaning in pleasure (1557)nipples (124600)nudity (302824)older (19820)penetration (42855)penis (124883)pillow (13313)raribelle (390)raricest (123)rarilane (156)recording (793)sex (96574)shipping (168859)sound (5268)source filmmaker (31851)spanking (2280)stallion (77101)stockings (26047)straight (112039)sweetielane (9)teenager (3387)thigh highs (24487)thunderlane gets all the mares (13)vaginal (30365)vaginal secretions (33447)vulva (100441)watching (938)webm (7887)


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29 comments posted
I’m actually surprised that there’s a legit barely-legal anthro Sweetie Belle model that is completely plausible especially with the breasts being like high As-low Bs bust size. Truly well done!!

Of course I would like to see a follow-up that has not just Sweetie Belle and Thunderlane in it, but have Rarity actually in it as well instead of just being a bystander. Or (and because I like Sparity), it could be like a sexual double date where the sisters bring their mates together and come together for a pretty gnarly foursome…
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Comments29 comments posted