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safe (1427911)screencap (174421)applejack (147672)cherry crash (539)mystery mint (852)paisley (685)scribble dee (446)watermelody (848)a queen of clubs (191)equestria girls (159486)equestria girls series (23763)applejack is not amused (421)background human (5936)comparison (3668)flower (18371)geode of super strength (1440)manga (931)meatball head (2)photobomb (200)reference (3200)rose (3017)sailor jupiter (87)sailor mars (60)sailor mercury (57)sailor moon (1190)sailor venus (72)tuxedo jack (7)tuxedo mask (53)unamused (11287)

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Background Pony #B63C
Let see I think I can name theme that sailor paisley sailor melody sailor scribble sailor mystery and sailor crash
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Shyabetes sufferer
Mine was…….umm……Sailor Moon herself.


Hey fuck all of you I had a lot of empathy for her alright?!

You’re not alone bro, Usagi/Moon is also my waifu. (And it’s still until now.)
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