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suggestive (113222)artist:phucknuckl (388)lyra heartstrings (26117)octavia melody (20976)anthro (200859)bow (instrument) (539)breast grab (4757)breasts (203925)busty octavia (1860)canterlot high (2049)clothes (356057)duo (39186)duo female (5906)fanfic (9579)fanfic art (11378)female (761034)grope (9132)implied lesbian (2533)looking at you (120642)moe (1156)open mouth (104368)plaid (348)pleated skirt (3405)school uniform (5992)skirt (31557)socks (49184)stockings (25384)thigh highs (23559)vector (66659)zettai ryouiki (1473)


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The Anti-Normies
Is inspired by Shepherd’s designs but he didn’t make anything in this pic, so his artist tag has no point being here.
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