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suggestive143185 artist:pencils1291 limestone pie4945 human154786 :t3785 adorasexy9785 belly button78001 blushing197897 boulder254 breasts278033 clothes460170 cute200037 female1364520 high res29613 holder's boulder185 humanized100117 legs8310 limetsun pie225 looking at you168887 mary janes1133 moe1338 school uniform7248 sexy29469 shirt24956 shoes36785 sitting63348 skirt39811 skirt pull445 solo1065262 solo female179937 tree32278 tsundere2877


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Background Pony #D6A3
I can't see Limey actually wearing something like this, but she does look amazing!
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Derpibooru KingPun
Despite constant cold shoulders

I confidently told her

I'd snuggle and hold her

If she'd only consider the prospect

Of sitting atop my boulders.