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safe (1427686)artist:n0nnny (505)twilight sparkle (260147)pony (695204):3 (3494)animated (84653)blushing (153652)blush sticker (1726)cheek fluff (3133)close-up (4712)cute (148229)female (758829)gif (23920):i (1249)licking (15507)licking lips (3365)mare (334531)mlem (591):p (5811)puffy cheeks (3145)seizure warning (2879)silly (6434)silly pony (2649)simple background (290399)smiling (182911)solo (875036)spittle (61)squigglevision (199)tongue out (75704)twiabetes (8041)vibrating (1046)white background (72066)


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need a slower version so the more sensitives can enjoy the mlem without getting a… whatever they get with these images
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