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suggestive (108913)artist:atariboy2600 (159)artist:bluecarnationstudios (121)sci-twi (17537)sunset shimmer (48053)twilight sparkle (250937)comic:the amazonian effect ii (62)equestria girls (151544)armpits (33560)bed (29459)bedroom (6154)blue underwear (1952)breasts (190905)busty sci-twi (205)busty sunset shimmer (3538)busty twilight sparkle (8777)cellphone (2114)cleavage (26038)clothes (338742)comic (84880)danganronpa (173)dialogue (46704)electric light orchestra (63)eyes closed (64220)female (710481)hilarious in hindsight (2672)implied lesbian (2363)implied scitwishimmer (151)implied shipping (3289)implied sunsetsparkle (252)implied threesome (126)lesbian (77440)morning after (132)open mouth (98960)panties (40046)part of a series (1765)part of a set (6697)phone (3919)playstation vita (17)purple underwear (1700)red underwear (1019)ringtone (3)scitwishimmer (1837)shipping (156624)smartphone (1121)song reference (2619)speech bubble (15317)sunsetsparkle (3863)thong (4578)twolight (871)underwear (47660)


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