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explicit410850 artist:pia-sama1887 rarity201317 spike86521 dragon70441 unicorn434496 anthro310184 plantigrade anthro42121 balls93738 barefoot32197 big breasts104166 blushing234936 bottomless15503 bowser323 bowspike6 breasts336218 busty rarity15376 clothes550098 cosplay31455 costume34742 creampie37831 cum92290 cumming27399 dialogue78697 dress52891 ecstasy97 erect nipples14137 eyeshadow21913 feet47999 female1580417 gloves24744 halloween11383 halloween costume2886 holiday27130 lifted up48 lifting723 long gloves7606 makeup30050 male451077 mare604712 nail polish9860 nintendo3764 nipple outline9470 nipples206869 no panties2692 nudity444980 older33505 older spike7802 open mouth193347 penetration72758 princess peach550 raripeach51 reverse suspended congress491 roleplaying590 sex146221 shipping227264 skirt47254 sparity7595 speech bubble31040 spoilers in the comments50 spread legs24300 spreading24576 straight157341 super mario bros.4458 toenail polish1645 toenails672 upskirt6607 vaginal48222 wig1014


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Background Pony #27DC
I think Spike would have picked the theme, and Rarity would have gone along with it, partly to support her lover, and partly because she liked Peach’s dress. Then her mind wanders and she wonders what Bowser banging Peach would be like, since he’s a reptile like Spike, and here we are.

Question is, who’s idea was it to play dress-up? On one hand, Spike would be the more likely gamer. On the other, Rarity likes her fancy dresses…
Background Pony #0E36
Oh my damn…  
Peach and Bowser are, frankly, the only ship I have in any fictional universe. This…this is a masterpiece.
Background Pony #27DC
Every time Mario makes it to the end of one of those castles, all he finds is a bedroom with a heavily damaged bed covered in suspicious, smelly stains.
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@Background Pony #F3DC  
Mine assumes Bowser isn’t doing this for money, but that he gets off on the situation too, ruling her kingdom for a long enough period to set up those levels and ravishing her every night until she’s so out of it, she isn’t sure if she’s given birth or if that’s just him pulling his thick member out of her stretched out pussy.
Background Pony #5DFD
My Mario headcanon is that Peach gets off on the whole “damsel in distress” thing. So she pays Bowser to hold her hostage while Mario “saves” her and rewards him with “cake”. In reality she can kick both their asses.

This Bowser will take Princess Peach to every castle so Mario does not reach her, so in the meantime while Mario catches up these two will have so much fun alone in the tower. Mario will hear her glorious divine moans from far 😄😄😄😄💜💚💜💚