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safe (1456651)artist:lumineko (2647)nightmare moon (15225)alicorn (169654)pony (722255)armor (19272)blushing (157883)candy (5273)cute (153581)eyeshadow (10884)female (783951)filly (52237)floppy ears (42173)food (52917)halloween (6583)holiday (12044)looking at you (124601)lumineko is trying to murder us (58)makeup (14622)moonabetes (202)mouth hold (13640)nightmare woon (351)pumpkin bucket (459)slit eyes (3219)solo (893097)sweet dreams fuel (561)trick or treat (338)


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Background Pony #7DB9
No one takes her seriously enough to give her candy tributes anymore, so now she has to get candy the old fashioned way.
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(Previously known as GlitchyShadow)

*exhausted yeehaw*



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