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safe1975183 artist:jhayarr231559 edit157209 applejack188045 flash magnus941 fluttershy238591 meadowbrook952 mistmane873 pinkie pie238896 rainbow dash259784 rarity203425 rockhoof1277 somnambula2257 star swirl the bearded2224 twilight sparkle333378 alicorn275137 shadow play1395 element of beauty3 element of bravery5 element of generosity1191 element of healing2 element of honesty1171 element of hope5 element of kindness1328 element of laughter1185 element of loyalty1371 element of magic3032 element of sorcery2 element of strength2 elements of harmony2712 mane six35364 netitus129 pillars of equestria311 shield2491 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138770