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explicit410851 artist:twiren349 princess luna108342 twilight sparkle330183 alicorn269989 pony1297134 anal32050 anatomically correct29430 anus116736 balls93738 both cutie marks12362 butt171360 cum92290 dickgirl2637 dock60771 female1580430 futa54036 futa on female13732 futa on mare62 futa princess luna2699 intersex51973 mare604741 nudity444984 penetration72759 plot111396 puffy vulva1668 raised tail20593 rear view17659 school2056 sex146224 sex education451 shipping227264 tail62222 taint6462 twiluna1619 underhoof60940 vaginal secretions45987


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Background Pony #58EF
Twilight’s doing good, actually. A B, an A, and an A+.
Anyway, I think this class is to find someone capable of relieving Luna’s thousand-year blue balls. It’s a hard job and only the most durable, fuckable pony can survive it. But she’ll probably just take the mane six as her harem, partially out of indecision, and partially because when she goes into heat, even the most hardened fucktoy couldn’t handle a no-holds-barred rutting from a crazed futa alicorn by herself.