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Here is the tower of ponies comprised of all the vector I made during the season for each episode! Not quite on dm29's level, but I'm proud of the work I've done!
safe1636587 artist:sonofaskywalker208 applejack164318 bow hothoof983 doctor fauna529 fluttershy205349 lily lace197 maud pie12138 pear butter2638 pinkie pie209631 princess ember6095 princess flurry heart6805 rainbow dash226271 rarity175695 spike76552 star swirl the bearded1936 starlight glimmer46423 sweetie belle47742 trixie64895 twilight sparkle291349 windy whistles2002 alicorn210386 dragon51970 earth pony222833 pegasus264691 pony901617 unicorn293917 a royal problem2090 it isn't the mane thing about you1129 once upon a zeppelin761 season 7336 secrets and pies757 shadow play1255 the perfect pear1364 absurd resolution64785 alternate hairstyle26246 ballerina962 dragon lord ember1012 female1302577 graduation cap249 hat81554 mane six30797 mare448369 pony pile707 punk2101 raripunk1158 simple background369736 tower of pony204 transparent background192094 tutu1063 twilarina324 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119776 vector74032


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