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Aryanne dresses in a sailor fuku
I would visit Japan soon, so I drew something related to Japan.
(In fact, I wanted to draw Halloween art. I just lacked time and mood to do that…)
A new piece of School uniform Art for Aryanne I created this month in celebration for a japan vacation I will make after Halloween! While Aryanne was an exchange student in japan, she sometimes was asked by the teachers to stay after class for Ponut Inspection day. ö
As far as I am concerned, school uniforms are the next best thing that came out of japan next to hentai and videogames. Really enjoyed making this since it helped me to further deepen my knowledge of drawing clothes.
The concept of the picture itself was loosely inspired by Kill la Kill art of Ryoko Matoi and some Rara lewds I found while browsing (I had hardly seen a picture like this before, it essentially had all contact points one could ask for in any picture with nuditiy), so i tried to emulate it in my own style. Sadly, I could not fit in Aryanne’s pet Göbbels naturally in there anymore :c
explicit410850 artist:aryanne345 oc823834 oc only606125 oc:aryanne3107 earth pony351296 pony1297125 anatomically correct29430 anus116736 blushing234936 bottomless15503 butt171360 classroom1912 clitoris34048 clothes550098 dark genitals13913 desk3871 dock60771 ear fluff40561 female1580416 heart59849 looking back72469 mare604711 no panties2692 nudity444980 on side8034 open mouth193347 plot111396 sailor uniform893 schoolgirl2062 socks80224 solo1246874 solo female204436 thigh highs47535 tongue out126394 vulva157641 vulvar winking14722


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I Sell Propane
@Background Pony #9731  
the keyword here is “weeaboo”, i.e. the white westerners who partake in non-western culture like anime, which is supposed to be a big no-no for ethno-nationalists and their ilk. personally i think people who actually care about that sort of thing must lead just the saddest, most bitter lives but hey that’s judgy
also, as much as super conservative japanese want others to think that their culture is completely homogeneous (and in comparison to many western countries it may seem that way) but the truth is there’s a palpable amount of cultural influence not just from neighboring countries like china and japan or international allies like the u.s., but also from different ethnic groups within the country such as the aino and the ryukyuan peoples. kinda like how some super nativistic americans want you to think that stuff like french fries (belgian) or donuts (dutch) are american inventions.