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safe1583247 artist:snow angel590 princess cadance30547 shining armor21662 alicorn198912 pony853953 unicorn272658 :p7336 blush sticker2187 blushing177294 chest fluff32842 colored pupils8740 cute180538 cutedance1088 ear fluff24063 featured image791 female1163197 heart43469 heart background109 heart eyes14165 husband and wife1241 jewelry52831 lidded eyes27057 looking at you147188 male308677 mare425511 pink background2387 raised hoof39276 regalia16879 shining adorable513 shiningcadance2377 shipping184086 signature19576 silly6987 simple background347826 smiling217431 sparkles3871 stallion93925 starry eyes2852 straight121988 sweet dreams fuel837 tongue out91455 wing fluff1450 wingding eyes19337


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32 comments posted

I remember when Valentine's was about new loves, or the confession of hidden ones. Not a day for people who are already dating/married for years. Buncha hijackers.

Grumpy observation aside, this is adorable and I love it. Hope nobody felt too lonely yesterday, if you did, be sure to use next year as an excuse to confess! Or at least send your friends a cute card, then it won't be so lonely.