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Twilight: “I need to stop hanging out with these guys”
safe1787163 artist:dragonpone344 derpibooru exclusive30105 moondancer5098 starlight glimmer50608 sunset shimmer66068 trixie69685 twilight sparkle310546 alicorn239351 pony1098264 unicorn357797 :t3940 blushing210266 cheek fluff6360 cherry1089 chest fluff43378 chocolate3502 clothes489443 coffee4097 coffee shop67 counterparts882 cup6712 cute210298 diatrixes3275 drink5171 drinking3736 drinking straw841 ear fluff33428 eyes closed101767 food75219 glasses66869 hot358 hot chocolate1290 iced coffee12 levitation12918 lidded eyes32862 magic77320 magical quartet146 magical quintet115 marshmallow1389 milkshake1659 mug4559 ouch1058 pain2091 puffy cheeks4069 scrunchy face7336 shimmerbetes4541 shrunken pupils3633 smiling273239 spilled drink164 steam2036 sweater15310 teabag81 teacup3067 telekinesis29609 that pony sure does love teacups300 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128064 twilight's counterparts899 unamused17219


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