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I may be in minority, but I like Starlight & Sunburst duo much more than Starlight & Trixie. It’s way more appealing.

Oh dear, Starlight episode…Well, ok this one was actually pretty good, rather than just "ok" or "meh" at most.
If you ask me, as far as Starlight-centric episodes go so far, this was easily her best, and
I’m really glad to say this. Plus ever since he appeared in season 6, Sunburst always felt to me like one
likeable fellow. It was nice to see all Starlight’s friends interacting with each other, as well as Starlight’s
own little problem of catching up with her old friend who she lost touch with. It is relatable how friendship
can change over time and the person you knew back in the day may not be exactly same nowadays. Especialy true
when it comes to childhood friends.

It was actually kind of episode where the story really benefits from how characters are interacting with each other –
Twilight nerding out with Sunburst was, of course, awesome and cute. I knew these two would get along as the
the Nerd Power Duo, that said, Trixie and Maud had some fun moments as well.
In my opinion this was first episode were Trixie was actually entertaining to see rather than annoying ever since she has been
"redeemed" in previous season. And Maud is cool as always. So overall yeah, this
was probably first Starlight episode where I actually cared for her struggle, and it was nice to see
her closest friends in action to cheer her up. Yes, I know, I whine and moan about how Starlight is better as
supporting character and how she’s bit bland in episodes that focus on her – I still think so – but at least "Uncommon Bond" is finally an episode that gave me some hope for her further developement in the future – At least it felt like a step in the right direction.
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le grand rêveur
I confirm Starburst is one of the best couple on the show.
I’m just sorry that the male characters only show up for the last few seasons.
in summary I saw no possible couple apart from cheesepie and sparity
(and fortunately the couple sparity existed because otherwise I would not have followed the series.)
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