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So, throughout the months, i developed a headcanon that whatever religion ponies follow would be somewhat similar to Zoroastrianism, and that Clover the Clever (Ziragšabdar) would be their prophet; so i drew a anthro version of her in that capacity with G1 Twilight's colors and cutie mark, holding a baresman (or at least my closest approximation of one).
First attempt at anthro; took me four days to complete, one just to get the hands to a acceptable level.

EDIT: Shading update; original was not sufficiently visible.
safe1655172 artist:mildgyth78 clover the clever366 twilight583 anthro249379 plantigrade anthro30574 ziragshabdarverse65 baresman2 clothes441243 cutie mark45279 dress42792 female1318643 g114392 g1 to g43702 generation leap5559 halo1599 religion627 shoes34249 solo1031033 traditional art114618 zoroastrianism9


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