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Magic! Breast-Expansion  

CMMR // R501  

If you want support me… for moar extra pics … (NSFW ver)"     -This is the right place  -(MyPatreon)   
suggestive (112999)artist:maniacpaint (482)applejack (147700)twilight sparkle (260271)human (130710)amazon (411)belly button (59666)bellyring (1159)big breasts (56375)blushing (153697)blush sticker (1728)breast expansion (2545)breasts (203340)busty applejack (6614)cleavage (27297)clothes (355401)female (759296)front knot midriff (1147)growth (4038)heart (37843)huge breasts (25770)humanized (87990)implied shipping (3564)implied twijack (48)midriff (16246)miniskirt (3785)open mouth (104089)panties (41529)piercing (28371)skirt (31514)socks (49092)thigh highs (23501)thong (4774)underwear (49617)zettai ryouiki (1466)


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"Twilight, TWILIGHT! You put mah tits back to their normal size right now! I love you too sweetheart but how the hay am I supposed to get my head between your legs with my tits this big??"
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