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Spike and Thorax adoring their little boy. All is going well until they learn of their child's… special skill. Turns out that mixing Changeling and Dragon genes creates interesting powers, such as Illusive's ability to teleport himself using his dragon fire. Like his father, his fire can teleport things, including himself which scared his parents a lot growing up.

Note: Spike and Thorax live in the cavern where they first met, which is surprisingly warm despite the ice and snow. Their house was built by the citizens though Spike did most of the work.
safe1602177 artist:jolliapplegirl440 spike75182 thorax4036 oc617809 oc:illusive spark25 changeling42190 dragon49947 hybrid15853 pony870660 adult2312 adult spike920 baby9805 baby pony6146 comic102435 dialogue60262 gay25277 interspecies offspring6333 magical gay spawn904 male339093 monochrome143896 next generation5777 offspring34736 older23898 older spike4665 parent:spike2012 parent:thorax508 parents:thoraxspike118 shipping186470 sneezing1383 story included8220 thoraxspike172


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