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Spike: I really glad you came to visit, Twilight. It’s been a while since we got to hang out.

Twilight: Me too. You’ve grown quite a bit. Have you been getting greedy?

Spike: [Blushes and looks away] N-no, not like that! I mean, maybe its because I mated somepony that I’ve grown?

Twilight: Oh! That’s a good theory! Perhaps the mating triggered your grown as a means to ensure you can care and protect your mate! Ah, I realy wish you’d let me study you more!

Spike: You know me and Thorax live here now, Twilight. Plus he gets creeped out by all your… science stuff.

Twilight: Psh. That wasn’t my fault. He decided to play around in my lab. How was I to know changeling magic had weird effects on premade spells?

Spike: I would have hoped it’d be you but I suppose that’s why you were researching that stuff. Anyway, we’re almost there.

[The two enter the open cavern. Snow and ice surrounded them as Twilight shivered, moving closer to Spike’s large, warm body.]

Spike: Thorax?! Hun, you awake? 

Twilight: Where is he?

Spike: [Sniffs the air] He’s here. [Looks up.] Thorax, please come down.

[Twilight looks up to see Thorax on the ceiling, teeth bared and eyes glowing.]

Thorax: No! I have to protect our larva!

Spike: Sorry about this. Thor has been like this since he laid the egg. He won’t leave it’s side. [turns back to thorax.]

Thorax: If I leave, predators might harm our larva. So send the pony away.

Spike: Thor, its just Twilight. I promise she won’t hurt our egg. [Suddenly glares down at Twilight] Right? You aren’t planning on harming my child, correct?

Twilight: [Flinches] N-no… (Thinking) This must be his dragon instincts kicking in. Be calm, Twi.

Spike: [Stares for a minute before relaxing.] Right, so Thor come down so we eat like a normal family. In a underground cavern.


And thus, the awkward  dinner began as Thorax watched Twilight like a hawk, ready to defend his larva if he thought she’d try anything.

So another redraw of my next gen universe in which Twi basically lives alone now (kinda. Tempest and her guards reside there as well. And her son.). Spike lives in the Crystal Empire with his mate, Thorax in the Snow Cavern where he and Thorax first met.
safe (1429033)artist:jolliapplegirl (419)spike (68528)thorax (3552)twilight sparkle (260443)alicorn (163489)changeling (32438)dragon (37698)hybrid (11826)unicorn (203203)adult (1993)adult spike (815)cavern (217)egg (3036)fangs (17709)gay (22720)interspecies offspring (5288)magical gay spawn (665)male (257926)offspring (28753)older (18486)older spike (3702)parent:spike (1755)parents:thoraxspike (116)parent:thorax (416)shipping (164452)story included (6430)thoraxspike (162)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102060)


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