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Sweets was sitting in room, playing by herself as she waited for her father to return. He had left some time ago to answer the door when somepony had knocked and had yet to return. Sweet Deal, being a foal, didn’t think much of this, since her game was fun even by herself. She had come up with such an elaborate plot line for her dolls. Space rangers who go around and help alien ponies with their problems. Her brave unicorn had just slipped past the guard ponies who had attacked during a supposedly peaceful dinner when her fathers absence occurred to her.

With a pout, she called out she he pa, only to hear muffled voices. Curious, she trotted out the room, resting her space ranger on her back as she walked. She has made it half way down the stairs when the voices could be heard.

"-mean, really, Mr Sham, why must you make things so difficult." A stallion, his accent weird to the fillies ears. His tone was strange too. It was like he was talking to a foal. "Just give me what I want and no one has to get hurt." He stopped, chuckling to himself. "Well, no one has to hurt you anymore."

Concern raced through the filly as she jumped down the stair and snuck a peek. He pa was on the ground, pinned by two big things Griffins?  while a smaller stallion walked around him. Pa’s face was darkened with bruises and blood dripped from his lips.

"Pa?" She whispered, hiding in the shadows though she was drowned out by her fathers shout

"What are you talking about?!" He demanded, struggling under the griffins hold. "What do you want from me? I don’t even know you!" The stranger laughed, looking around the small room he resided in.

"Oh, but I know you." He replied, looking back at Flim. "The flare pony to your brothers schemes. Once you were known as the FlimFlam brothers, greatest con artist/business owners in Las Pegasus." He then snorted, looking at Flim with amused pity. "Now look at you. Working on farm in some backwater town like this? I almost pity you." Flim clenched his teeth at the insult.

"I don’t-" But he was interrupted by the stranger, who held up a hoof to stop him.

"But! Back to business." He began, smiling in such a sleazy way, even young Sweet deal knew he was about to spin falsehoods. "As for why I’m here, Mr. sham, the reason is simple. You see, my client was generous enough to sponsor your brother’s many… endeavors, so to speak. Millions of bits were loaned with the expectation that it would be paid back at some point, as was fair. But as you know, your brother had stuck his hooves in too many pies and got himself arrested. Jailed as he is, he can’t pay my client back, which has made them quite miffed. And that’s where you come in."

"Me?" Flim frowned in confusion. "I don’t owe anypony any money! Just tell your boss the truth and-" A hoof stomped near Flim’s muzzle, the smile on the strangers face never shifting though it was a lot less amused.

"Oh, that is hilarious! Me? Tell them that their investment is gone for some indeterminate amount of time?" He laughed, basking in his ’joke’ for a full minute. Catching his breath, he continued. :You might not know this, since you decided to puss out of the real fun in life but messengers always get hurt. That’s why I enjoy my job. I’m no ones messenger colt, alright? I’m a Delivery colt." The two tared at one another, unspoken words being exchanged that only those two knew. 

"So I’m the package then?" Flim guessed, disgust dripping off his words like sap. The stranger’s smile just grew at the look.

"In a way. See, I need somepony to pay my client what is owed. You," The stranger pointed down at Flim. "are the debtors closest living relative. A plus B equals you paying the debt. Simple, right?"

"And if I refuse?" He countered, his teeth gritted tight. The stranger just smiled and looked around the farm.

"You’re wife runs this farm, right? Quite the business, I hear. It’d be a shame if rumors started going around about her hubby." He sighed, examining his hoof casually as Flim Paled. "Some embezzling here, maybe some deals with questionable ponies? Why not? You’re were, or are, the type."

"Nopony would believe you!" He growled, though his eyes showed just the smallest trace of doubt.

"Perhaps not but all it takes is a seed. One little seed of doubt and the rest just falls into place. Wary thoughts turn into side glances and all of a sudden, the very element of honesty starts looking a mite bit crooked. Cause surely she knows what her hubby is doing. ’Is she in on it?’, ponies will start to wonder. ’Should we really be funding some back ally dealings with our hard earned bits?’ they questions. Round and round th-"

Liar!" Sweet screamed, running into the room. She had been listening quietly, unsure of what to do but when she heard what this bad pony intended, she couldn’t stay quiet. Feeling righteous fury burn within her, Sweet dashed into the room, using her weak magic to throw her space ranger at the griffins. The two weren’t expecting anyone else to show up so they reacted a lot more dramatically than either would have liked. They dodged the doll as if it would somekind of explosive, jumping out the open door. The stranger jumped over Flim, following his bodyguards as Sweet drew close to her pa, nuzzling him. 

"S-Sweets?" Flim sighed, looking as if he’d seen a ghost. "Sweets, you can’t be here. Go back-"

"No, these bad ponies are being mean." She said, stomping her small hoof. She turned to glare at the stranger, who just cocked a brow at her. 

"And who is this little thing?" He asked, confused. "Your kid?" He guessed, watching Flim flinch and attempt to pull his daughter closer despite the pain he was in. "Oh? Oh, this is excellent. You have a foal, a daughter, no less. How interesting." He laughed, confusing Sweets who was now being ignored. "Well, I’m not one to do business in front of those uninvolved, especially foals. So we’ll be taking our leave. Guys." He turned, calling for his bodyguards to follow. The griffins glared daggers at Sweet, ashamed that a mere foal snuck up on them.

"Boss, I-" One started before the other kicked her partner and shook her head. With a huff, they both turned away, walking beside their client. Sweet continued to glare at their retreating backs until they were some distance away. She was about to turn back to her pa when she heard the stranger. 

“Oh? And Mr sham?” The stallion called out, smirking over his shoulder at the two. “If I were you, I’d get around to paying that debt quickly. There might be day when I come knocking on her door, rather than yours.” He said as Flim paled at the implication. Sweets didn’t understand but the stallion continued. “My mother always told me to be nice to mares but a buck needs to do what he must to make ends meet so…” He let the sentence hang. “Anyway, I’d hate to see such a sweet little filly become someponies sloppy seconds.”


Times have been hard for the Apple family since AJ married Flim. Though she and the apples know he’s cleaned up his ways, his past tends to follow him. Though this time, its not his past rearing its ugly head but his brothers. Sweet Deal tries her best to defend he pa though, cause she knows what is right and wrong.

Note: In my verse, Flim and Flam went their separate ways after Flim mucked up the courage to ask Applejack out. He knew he had to be a honest pony for her so he stopped associating with his brother, who continued his questionable career choices. Said choices eventually led to him being tossed in jail for a myriad of charges. Despite not being involved, Flim still gets a lot of dirty looks from the townsfolk.

Also, if anyone has any ideas for the grey pony, I’m all ears. He’s a loan shark.
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I cringed, not at the story but those slime balls. If you don’t mind me saying, I’d like to bash those punks’ skulls in with a blacksmith’s hammer.

11/10 this is great work
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