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Some old clop I did on the down low for a patron.
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explicit392934 artist:sinfoe68 princess luna105668 twilight sparkle322073 alicorn256702 pony1224870 bedroom eyes67673 biting4275 blushing224205 eyes closed110868 female1516747 futa51744 futa on female13171 futa princess luna2620 intersex49680 leg lock723 looking down10790 love bite80 mare566465 missionary position4647 moan541 moaning7412 moaning in pleasure3737 neck biting237 nudity423630 obscured penetration2925 penetration68292 sex138844 shipping220054 simple background463272 smiling302497 softcore2955 spread wings66986 sweat30894 sweatdrop4053 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133547 twiluna1594 underhoof58322 vaginal45699 wingboner8790 wings153032


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i had this set commissioned because i wanted to have the scene when they made their first legit child, not because i wanted to see them having sex for my pleasure, but because i just really wanted to have the the story told .