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explicit392934 alternate version60868 artist:lumineko2853 artist:vest418 pinkie pie231210 earth pony321276 pony1224873 anus110202 butt142840 cake10850 collaboration5916 cupcake5998 dock57548 female1516748 floppy ears60083 food81088 food porn59 foodplay1805 licking22775 looking at you199259 mare566466 nudity423630 on side7531 pie3572 plot99822 smiling302497 solo1195404 solo female197152 tongue out119823 vulva148052


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Background Pony #ACF4
WE NEED TO GO DEEPER|| into Pinkie pie’s pie while on the pie while calculating pie and putting all the usage of pie into a pie chart||
Background Pony #ACA2
I love the fact that it’s a Pie on a pie. The only thing that would make this even better would be if PI was present here somewhere.