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Revision of >>1273212 with redone face and legs. Larger version of Tumblr image.
suggestive170200 artist:king-kakapo1274 fluttershy235815 human198119 adorasexy11227 bed49220 bedroom13321 belly button94071 big breasts104095 blanket6510 blushing234742 breasts336057 bunny ears4360 busty fluttershy20611 cleavage40292 clothes549703 cute232070 draw me like one of your french girls1484 feet47965 female1579519 fluttershy's cottage1853 frilly underwear4692 godiva hair322 humanized109000 implied nudity468 lingerie12220 lying down31341 nudity444680 panties56766 partial nudity24946 pillow22109 pink underwear4472 playboy311 playboy bunny854 ribbon8076 sexy36730 shyabetes16688 smiling323580 solo1246136 solo female204364 stockings41131 strategically covered3275 thigh highs47500 topless15559 underwear69671 update127 white underwear3684


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very good effort with the art, I remember trying it when i was doing my a levels in school, i could never get the aspect correct. I wish I could have produced something of this quality then.

Humanized Artist
I hear ya, limbs are hard, especially if you have foreshortening and legs crossing over each other.
I have a 3D modeling program I use for making my own reference, want me to see if I can shoot you an image that might better model how the legs might go?
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That’s…frustrating. That very redraw of the leg was from a redline on the original 2016 version by another artist from way back. Guess I’m not the only one who struggles to render limbs right.
I don’t know if I should work further on this. This art is a year old, and fixing it again takes time away from more art I need to finish.

Humanized Artist
I would say the top leg there looks kind of… off. The way the stocking is resting on it and how it’s bent, it looks like one really stubby/inflated thigh, with a thinly attached lower leg. I’m sure you intended it to look like one leg overlapping the other, but it just kind of came out looking strange.
It’s totally fixable though. And I have the utmost confidence you can come through.