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artist description:
+ the Pinkie/Rairty family tree

Bright Pink: Married + Dating
Neon Blue: Siblings
Bright Purple: Biological Child
Yellow: Adopted Child
Red: Step Parent
Orange: Half/Adopted Sibling
Hot Pink X: Death

Luna, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie

⋆ Parents of Cloudy Skies and Nova
⋆ A poly relationship between the three of them.
⋆ Both were magically spawned.

Sunset Shimmer and Sci-Twi

⋆ Parents of Dazzling Dawn
⋆ Got married in the the other world.
⋆ Are not actually in Equestria, but visit sometimes.
⋆ Dawn technically counts as Dizzy Spells half sister.

Good Sombra, Celestia, Twilight Velvet and Night Light

⋆ Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor are Night Light and Twilight Velvets children, Celestia has become their step mom.
⋆ Cosmic Wish is Celestia and Sombras child, Twilight Velvet is now her step mom.
⋆ Toolaroo is the daughter of Celestia and Twilight Velvet. [design by the awesome ]
⋆ Night Light and Twilight Velvet peacefully divorced.
⋆ Not long after becoming evil, Sombra was killed.
⋆ Cosmic Wish is the oldest character in the NG.
⋆ Celestia only realized she was pregnany with Cosmic after she left the other universe.

Twilight Sparkle and Tempest Shadow

⋆ Dizzy Spells is their magically born daughter.
⋆ Spike is technically Dizzys step brother, as Twilight counts him as her son.
⋆ She also counts Dazzling Dawn as her daughter, who is currently staying with her.

Spike and Thorax

⋆ Parents of Party Cannon Surprise, who is adopted.
⋆ Technically counts the whole hive as their kids, sort of.
⋆ Surprise's actual parents are Double Diamond and Party Favor.

Ember and Pharynx

⋆ Parents of Lymph.
⋆ Pharynx now stays with Ember in the dragon lands.

Shining Armor and Cadence

⋆ Flurry Heart is their daughter.
⋆ Nothing much has changed honestly.
⋆ Flurry is dating Pumpkin Cake.

Chrysalis and Novo

⋆ Chrysalis is the parent of Thorax and Pharynx.
⋆ Novo is the parent of Skystar.
⋆ Both now count each others children as their own.
⋆ May have a child together in the future.

Skystar, Pinkie Pie and Rarity

⋆ Another poly relationship.
⋆ Rarity and Pinkie are the parents of Glam Rock and Perfect Play.
⋆ Pinkie and Skystar are the parents of Sirens Call.

Maud Pie and Rover

⋆ Parents of Onyx and Moon Pie
⋆ Maud is currently pregnant with their third child.
⋆ Moon Pie is intended to take over the rock farm next.

Limestone Pie and Gilda

⋆ Do not want children.
⋆ Because of this Moon Pie is going to inherent the farm

Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon

⋆ Parents of Homebrew.
⋆ Live in their own home and not with Rarity, but they consistently visit.
⋆ Homebrew is the apprentice of Dizzy Spells.

Credit: , and .


woof ok, i decided NOT to do an ultimate guide and split up the family tres.

although background characters and etc will indeed be getting a huge chart.
safe1602414 artist:webkore20 king sombra12991 limestone pie4680 maud pie11909 night light2075 pharynx909 pinkie pie206152 princess cadance30820 princess celestia90581 princess ember5901 princess flurry heart6533 princess luna94953 princess skystar1830 queen novo1185 rarity172636 rover962 sci-twi22250 shining armor21907 silver spoon6233 spike75195 starlight glimmer45194 sunset shimmer58382 sweetie belle46974 tempest shadow16035 thorax4038 trixie63504 twilight sparkle286386 twilight velvet3942 oc617989 oc:cloudy skies47 oc:cosmic wish4 oc:dazzling dawn3 oc:dizzy spells3 oc:glam rock38 oc:homebrew2 oc:lymph1 oc:moon pie4 oc:nova251 oc:onyx34 oc:party cannon surprise1 oc:perfect play1 oc:sirens call1 oc:toolaroo1 classical hippogriff4579 hippogriff8610 pony870834 my little pony: the movie18162 absurd resolution63958 adopted176 adopted offspring951 adoption188 alternate universe9728 broken horn13102 celestibra337 cousins618 crack shipping3498 divorce47 equestria girls ponified4063 family tree302 female1274746 gay25283 genealogy8 gildastone7 good king sombra524 half-siblings562 interspecies offspring6335 lesbian91212 long description67 lunatrix2 luxie148 magical gay spawn904 magical lesbian spawn10578 male339172 next generation5778 nightvelvet357 offspring34745 parent:double diamond230 parent:gilda590 parent:king sombra1110 parent:limestone pie460 parent:party favor232 parent:pharynx153 parent:pinkie pie3650 parent:princess celestia1893 parent:princess ember308 parent:princess luna1981 parent:princess skystar176 parent:rarity3664 parent:sci-twi178 parent:spike2012 parent:starlight glimmer1212 parent:sunset shimmer1305 parent:tempest shadow2113 parent:thorax508 parent:trixie1688 parent:twilight sparkle7527 parents:celestibra171 parents:luxie17 parents:raripie44 parents:scitwishimmer139 parents:skypie101 parents:starluna10 parents:startrix276 parents:sunsetsparkle373 parents:tempestlight462 parents:thoraxspike118 polyamory6378 ponified38699 raripie802 scitwishimmer2066 shiningcadance2392 shipping186494 silverbelle75 simple background355309 skypie164 starluna7 starlunatrix1 startrix2662 startrixluna1 straight126408 sunsetsparkle4131 tempestlight3496 thoraxspike172 transparent background184094 velestia7 wall of tags2600


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Background Pony #114A
@Starswirl hey artist here, have you heard of an AU? I actually like Twilight Velvet and Night Light together, but I can have fun and make my nextgen more interesting. Does it hurt you or any other one? I don't think so.

Besides I changed my ng a little bit anyways, to make things simpler.
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@Dec Browne
Who is Silver Stream? The hippogriffs are called Novo and Skystar. The only other characters with beaks are Gilda and (technically, although I'm including her purely for the snout shape) Ember.

Well, there isn't exactly a canon gay ship in the franchise, except kinda Bon Bon x Lyra…but yeah that one I saw split up, to ship them with guys, if not on a family tree (although these are 83 on derpibooru, which I think includes all or allmost all from devianart.)

And for example in this pic's and artists universe:

Twilight and Sunset were a couple, but Sunset cheated on Twilight, and Twilight ended up with Comet Tail, while Sunset Shimer ended up with Flash. (the artist deleted their pics on their DA account, but this was the case, and I refernced it WAAY ago in the comments:

Also, on a less debate about the senseless Flash-hate, if one reads the picture's description by the author on deviantart, Twilight and Sunset were romantically involved in the past, until Sunset broke Twilight's heart :(
Does that mean we should include the "implied sunsetsparkle" tag? As the tension depicted in the picture, is a result of a failed relationship between Sunset and Twilight…

The artist also made a family tree , while Sunset's and Twilight's relationship isn't on it (as they didn't have kids together), it is mentioned in the description, which resues the story of Sunset and Twilight breaking up, although with Star Swil the second (XD), in place of Comet Tail : "Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Comet TailParents of Faust and Starswirl IIAunt and Uncle of Skylark, Flurry Heart, and Pinstripe.Reside in Twilight’s glittery castle.They were in a poly relationship with Sunset Shimmer but it ended when Twilight fell pregnant with Starswirl. They remain tense friends"

Added bonus points that in the versions of Sunset's and Twilight's break up by the artist, they are either on bad terms, or not exactly good ones…

In turn, Night Light and Twilight Velvet are explicedly on good terms after the divorce on this family…

So with that, yes I did come of across having a gay ship broken up for a straight one on a chart…

I also saw other gay characters shiped all the time with people of opposte gender, in fan and official works. Carmilla is a heavily hinted, practically told as the times were when the story was written, to be lesbian, yet she is turned Heterosexual or shipped with guys, including in official works.

I mean, in Castlevania, Carmilla is shown to have succeded in turning Laura, and they are now a battle couple, as seen in Rondo of Blood, but in both Castlevania: Judgment and Lords of Shadow, she has hots for racula, and Laura isn't mentioned at al (Judgement), or is reimagined as Carmilla's daughter (Lords of Shadow).

Other fanworks that do it, include splitting up Uranus/Haruka or Neptune/Michiru from Sailor Moon, and shipping them with guys (which) happens, or (much more often) how I Soi Fon/Suì-Fēng from Bleach, shipped with guys, and her romantic love towards Yoruichi is completelly written of. Or shipping Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion with girls (most often Rei).
Or how in many fics, Echidna, Elina and Irma from Queens Blade, despite being lesbians in the show, are shipped with guys more often in fics. Yes, I watched Queen's Blade XD

(Also, Echidna, and Irma are visibly inspired by Yoruichi and Soi Fon, although Echidna is visibly lesbian while that wasn't told about Yoruichi…Irma though is pretty much Soi Fon)

Most, or I think even all adaptation if the Iliad, even most modern, also leave out the fact the greatest love of Achilles life, was Patroclus, a guy, and Achilles went completelly berserk after his death (well, that they kep, but change the feeling from romantic).

It's also left out in allmost all adapatations of Mesopotamian mythos/or Epic of Gilgamesh, that Gilgamesh, the first recorded hero, was also the lover of his friend, Enkidu…
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I'm not trying to complain, mind. I just… don't quite understand, if that makes sense. Something like Twilight Velvet and Night Light having a divorce so she could end up with Celestia. As well this is a tendency that only seems to move in one direction; I don't remember any chart having a gay ship broken up for a straight one. Did you ever come across one?

To be fair, I don't see why this is an issue…I mean it's not even a crack pairing, as Spike and Thorax are close friends, and it isn't at all that different from Fluttershy x Discord — who are also close friends (it's somewhst rare in fiction as some already noted, when a guy and girl are close fiends, and no a couple. ) in canon.

Well, Maud still is a pony, and there is a sizable, like large amount of (justified at least from Spike's side) shipping pics and fics of Rarity and Spike, and Spike isn't a pony…he isn't even in the same taxonomic class as them. An I don't see people then complaining…Nor with Discord x Celestia (even when it was a complete crack pairing).

Well, that or he would be killed of (This happened to Mirror Sombra here though, although seeing his "predicament", it's kinda justified, especially that in comics, normal Sombra got resurrected, and the opposite of that is…).

To be fair though, I don't think Cadance divorcing THAT often Shinning Armor for a lesbian ship is that often — seeing there are on derpibooru just 134 Cadance x Chrysalis pics and 174 Cadance x Twilight pictures (and part of those are porn fics, and others are threesomes with Shinning Armor), 5 years after her first apperance, and yet those are the most popular lesbian ships she has.

I also saw Cadance leave Shinning Armor for another guy, like Big Mac , and Shining Armor leaving Cadance for another guy, and then that was used to justify shipping Cadance with someone else, including lesbian ships (warning a bit strange fic) .