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First: I'm not the best artist. My scanner and materials are cheap. I never did get the hang of digital art. This is a labor of love, friends.

I'm one of those old Pegasisters — the ones that were around when ponies kinda looked like they were part pig and routinely kidnapped human children. Part of the fun of watching MLP: FiM for me is finding the little G1 references that make their way into the show. Sometimes it's something small like a symbol or a place. A few of the villains were reworked from the original show, too. Most exciting, though, is when one of the original ponies becomes canon. Most Bronies can list off G1 influences like Applejack and maybe Fluttershy as Posey reincarnate — but we get the one-offs like Moondancer and Cherries Jubilee, too. It kind of puts us older girls in a neat place to share our own pony history with some of the younger fans; we often have information that they wouldn't know how to begin to find and it's a lovely learning and sharing experience for all of us.

I saw the latest MLP movie on opening day with my local Brony group and, thoroughly happy with the experience, came home and started looking up the G1 movie for fun. My search kind of devolved into looking up new info/sales/etc. of my favorite pony of all time: Lofty.

Yup — Lofty is a G1, guys! She was in the cartoon and the first movie. She had a baby named Baby Lofty (really, don't get me started on the creepiness of the baby ponies. I save that for late night Brony shenanigans if I have an interested group). One of the poses in the original toy lines is known as "Lofty pose" because she was the first pony that held it. She's not the flashiest of ponies, but she was certainly an important one.

…so when I started seeing this Auntie Lofty and Scootaloo stuff popping up on my search I sort of dropped everything and obsessively gathered all I could about it. Found some of the sample pages from the book. Shared it with my buddies. Got that word out.

I soon became aware, however, that no one seemed to realize that Lofty was a clear G1 reference. Even the way her personality is described in the book could certainly fit with the information on her sticker, back card, and show appearances (in that order; personality development in-show was a bit limited back then, guys). What kind of original fan would I be if I couldn't talk about my favorite pony of all time now that she's represented in the current generation?

I could diagram the entirety of Lofty here but, to be honest, I'd love to do so in the comments below as feedback rather than write an essay for you. Maybe you'll even get be talking about those creepy baby ponies.

Please, though, if I could ask for anything — make sure Lofty isn't forgotten. <3

I purchased the book today and I have a different art in mind for the two of them involving Lofty's favorite pasttime that Scoots would definitely benefit from. We'll see how this picture goes and if I'm up to more arting tomorrow.


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