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Fanart for the fanfic "The Models Secretary", as such the oc shares the name with another oc, so this isn't mistagged.
safe1725785 artist:danmakuman1170 fleur-de-lis3709 oc696911 oc:shining star76 earth pony256127 unicorn331785 anthro264313 unguligrade anthro49255 adorasexy9956 armpits43175 blushing200776 breasts282980 busty fleur-de-lis555 cleavage35081 clothes466730 crossed legs3267 curvy6805 cute202692 dress45193 eyelashes11494 eyeshadow16058 fanfic10492 fanfic art14613 female1380218 fleurabetes103 glasses63023 hand on hip6453 high heels11455 hoof shoes5551 legs8642 makeup22074 mare490323 meganekko226 miss fleur is trying to seduce us256 ocbetes5507 open mouth149680 sexy30019 shoes37566 side slit1426 simple background400618 the model's secretary3 thighs14289 total sideslit222 white background100135 white dress100 wide hips17688


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MRW I see Danmakuman's art, and immediately know this is for a fic I've been reading for a long, long time without needing any context at all, because the author describes and fleshes out the characters in question so well.