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Commissioned by codylake over on dA.

This one’s an academy record, my first commission that involves only ponies. Also a ship you don’t see very much of.
Image may have a small quantity of funkiness in its composition. Please excuse that.
safe (1341493)artist:sketchmcreations (1201)braeburn (5415)zecora (7545)alternate hairstyle (19336)bipedal (25606)blushing (142573)braecora (5)commission (35855)crack shipping (2904)ear piercing (14736)earring (12664)earth pony (125494)eyes closed (62029)female (681155)jewelry (33209)kissing (18605)male (230610)mare (296509)piercing (25291)pony (607769)shipping (151200)simple background (268188)stallion (63725)straight (102151)transparent background (141198)vector (62891)wet mane (4290)zebra (12374)


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