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damn I ship twilight and star tracker so bad…
star tracker has more chemistry with twilight than flash or timber
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Background Pony #AB27
At least I'm calm knowing that I'm not the only one who hates flash … and that most of them are aware of that.
Background Pony #DA1E
if only the writers mixed the 3 characters we could have a more complete character
instead of just
a boring rocker
an annoying but fun fan
and a … uh … a presumptuous camper?
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The Tastiest
@Cirrus Light

I remember ages ago in internet history, when the first EQG came out, both Flash and Sunset were the fandom’s punching bags. Flash for the reasons you said, but Sunset wasn’t liked either for being another twilight-powered unicorn, just acting like a stereotypical alpha bitch, and nobody taking her easy redemption seriously. Both were, as you said, a mess of cliches, but I took a liking to both of them, because I saw the inklings of interesting characters underneath the rubble. I’ve been here since season 1, and I’ve seen the fandom so far more with far less.

Then the next sequel came out, and Sunny got her arc and screentime, and fans loved it. It seems like the staff finally learned their lessons… except they chose not to do anything with Flash, really. Didn’t he get around 4 minutes of screentime there? Anyways, sequel and miniquels and comcis came out, and it was kinda frustrating to see that character left behind in development, when Sunny is EQG’s waifu and people forget she used to be in the same gutter as Flash. Sure, he’s been kicked to the curb by the writers for now, but whenever anyone says that Flash never had any potential yet praises Sunset Shimmer probably forgot their history.
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Sciencepone of Science!
I think what makes these characters so interesting is we get a small hint of their personality and people have fun building the rest.

Being a cool dude, meeting Twi by bumping into her and instantly having that cliche "love at first sight", wearing a leather jacket and playing guitar all kind of paint him as very much a "Ken", and make him a pile of cliches.

There's a lot of things people can like a character for, and Star Tracker had massive appeal because, as other commenters have said, they found him very relatable.

I'll bet you fifty bucks nobody here is a Ken-type dudebro who wears leather jackets and plays the guitar and was a popular kid at high school.

But I'll bet you fifty more that something like half the Twilight fans at least see a good bit of themselves in Star Tracker — fan of the pony, somewhat socially awkward, and probably somewhat self-conscious about it.

He's weak and they get along terribly and that's why people want it to work, because "if that awkward trainwreck of a beta loser can get with the pony he's a huge fan of… maybe this awkward trainwreck of a beta loser can get with someone with that personality type as well."
Background Pony #5FF1
That's not the fandom job to build a character,Lyra and co were background character,Flash was intended as a secondary character at best and they failed to make him discernable
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@Background Pony #8283
Be that as it may, it still kinda undermines the point of a character not being MIA…by posting a pic of character that isn't them.

Granted pony Flash hasn't been absent for 3 seasons. At the very least, I think his last cameo was in The Crystalling, so 1 season max.

@Background Pony #8283


This is going to be my last comment on this cause I'm sick of dealing with it, but before I go I have one last thing to say on this topic. As far as the show is concerned, they heard to outcry and since he's been MIA for the last 3 seasons as far as we know pony Flash Sentry is gone and unless Hasbro says otherwise he's never coming back. We 'haters' got rid of him. Goodbye.
Background Pony #9CF7
Whatever. Elise has nothing to do with this. The facts are Flash is awesome, Twilight is best with him, and like I said “you’re an idiot.”
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Lord of the Empty Seat
Twilight became a human the moment she went through the portal, it would only be some form of bestiality if she were still a pony when she was with human Flash. So that argument is null and void.

As for his pony self doing "absolutely nothing of note", let me remind you that as Bronies we’ve been nitpicking small aspects of several characters and giving them their own personalities since the show started:

We took Derpy’s animation error and her saying "muffins" once and make her a clutz who’s obsessed over the food.

We made Lyra a human-obsessed conspiracy theorist based on how she sits.

We took a DJ with a two-second cameo and made her a party animal who’s dating that one mare from the Gala episode.

And we made Berry Punch an alcoholic based on her drinking directly from a punch bowl.

So to whine about Flash being bland is not only lazy, but also hypocritical. Heck we add aspects and traits to main characters like Rainbow Dash, Luna, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle. Everyone assumes that Scoots is an orphan, Sweetie Belle is Button Mash’s special somepony, Luna is a binge gamer, and Rainbow Dash is a lesbian with a cider addiction. If we can nitpick and speculate about various characters in the franchise and give them their own personality or add onto their character then Flash is no exception. Him being "bland" is just a petty excuse used by lazy hypocrites who are too stubborn to be imaginative when it comes to this character.

At this point you're just grasping at straws.

Why? Because making him interesting takes effort, effort that people like you don't want to put into Flash because it's much easier to hate him and treat him like dirt then to make him likable, effort that people like you aren't willing to do because of your own biases.

Flash-haters only care about problems.

Flash-Supporters can provide solutions.

The fact is this show didn't need a male version of Princess Elise. By the way that ship also promotes some form of beastiality. And pony Flash has done absolutely nothing of note. All he is in the pony universe is just another one of Princess Celestia's storm troopers.