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Comm for Raritybro
suggestive (122158) artist:rinny (346) applejack (154867) rarity (164908) anthro (218744) plantigrade anthro (25011) 2 handfuls of dem hips (1107) 3d (58004) clothes (387147) commissioner:raritybro (322) daisy dukes (1244) eyes closed (75509) female (845778) grope (10246) hand in pants (7) hand on butt (2100) hand on head (1511) holding head (2170) jeans (2900) kissing (21605) lesbian (88908) lingerie (9065) making out (514) pants (11112) partial nudity (15454) rarijack (6416) shipping (176776) shorts (11283) sitting on lap (176) source filmmaker (34723) topless (10363)


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
@Background Pony #5382
Good eye! That was absolutely the inspiration for this.

For such a GREAT piece of art, it seemed to be pretty unheard of on th internet, so I thought it could use a bit of a revival.
Plus, this SFM model has a beautiful back, and I wanted to see it in full~