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Updated with additional locations from the Gameloft game, and added buildings for the location of Somnambula.
Some locations not identified yet:  
Changeling hive  
Saddle Arabia  
Maretonia (?)  
Mount Vehoovius  
Marapore, Ponypeii, Lusitano  
Gargoyle & Centaur lands  
Zebra lands
Embedded >>1502317 in the SVG and included text objects as a hidden layer so this can be updated in the future once we get names for the southern reaches.
Let me know if I missed anything.
Font is Sherwood, in case you’re curious.
safe1922074 edit152238 editor:cheezedoodle969 classical hippogriff5868 dragon68676 hippogriff11815 narwhal81 my little pony: the movie20453 official11006 .svg available9325 abyssinia17 airship1055 appleloosa311 arimaspi territory22 badlands61 baltimare69 basalt beach43 black skull island17 bone dry desert71 bugbear territory10 canterlot6327 caves of conundrum4 celestial sea10 cloudsdale1449 crystal empire2516 crystal mountains14 desert1859 dodge city19 equestria581 everfree forest2305 farthest reaches6 forbidden jungle9 froggy bottom bog67 frozen north46 galloping gorge7 generic pony823 ghastly gorge106 great iceberg barrier9 griffish isles28 griffonstone287 guto river3 hayseed swamp29 high res81204 hollow shades29 horseshoe bay16 kirin grove11 klugetown270 las pegasus171 los pegasus22 lost lagoon8 luna bay5 macintosh hills6 manehattan1125 map1600 map of equestria274 mount aris231 mount everhoof29 neighagra falls42 nightmare cliffs6 north luna ocean5 our town347 parts unknown4 pine needle barrens15 ponyville6711 rainbow falls (location)67 rambling rock ridge4 rock farm596 saddle lake8 san palomino desert10 sea of clouds20 seaquestria412 slug troll swamp13 smokey mountains23 somnambula (location)167 south luna ocean6 starlight's village70 storm king's castle5 storm king's realm11 svg4190 tall tale18 trottingham47 undiscovered west7 unicorn range12 vanhoover44 vector82837 wall of tags5139 whitetail woods48 world map54 yaket range14 yakyakistan163


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@Background Pony #461D
That’s the root of my gripes with the final three seasons of FiM: it felt like the ending of the show took the writers by surprise. It would have been heavenly if they had alluded to some of these places in earlier seasons and then let them pay off with direct exploration during The Movie (2017) and the final seasons.
Background Pony #461D
I feel it’s less of not bothering and more that they never got a chance to before the series ended. They had a massive expansion with the movie but this seems to be about half of the planet with us never getting to see the other side.
Background Pony #49B0
Yeah. That’s because Capper doesn’t want Twilight to be captured or stoned by Tempest and taken back to Equestria which is under the ruler ship of the Storm King. So he did tricked them that they headed east of Klugetown to seek help from an unknown ruler of Black Skull Island instead of down south of Klugetown to seek help from Queen Novo.
Background Pony #FA6E
Well, since “Casabronco” is a pony pun to “Casablanca” and “Maretonia” is a pony pun to either “Macedonia” or “Estonia”, I believe that Maretonia was located southeast of the Griffon Continent and north of Anugypt while Zecora’s homeland was above the Dragon’s Lair/Dragon Lands. Since the Dragon Lands and Kirin Grove and the Lost Lagoon are part of an Africa like continent. Of course, Saddle Arabia, Maretonia, Zecora’s homeland, and the Dragon Lands are technical places beyond Equestria and they’re territories of Equestria.
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Background Pony #FA6E
Well, since “Saddle Arabia” is a pony pun to “Saudi Arabia” and “Hoofington” is a pony pun to either “Huffington” or “Huntington”, I believe that Saddle Arabia is above Abyssinia while Hoofington is northeast of Manehattan and south of Starlight’s cave. Since the biggest city called Huntington was the biggest being in New York.
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Background Pony #66C8
@Darth Sonic  
The Undiscovered West isn’t retconned out because after the season 5 premiere and possibly the rest of season 5 aired on TV, the makers of the season 5 premiere did not know that Equestria has the Undiscovered West.
Background Pony #66C8
I guess Tempest’s village was located near Canterlot according to the second part of the movie prequel which is entitled, “The Stormy Road to Canterlot.”
Background Pony #66C8
@Background Pony #D165  
No. It is canon! This map is located below the Macintosh Hills and above the Bone Dry Desert because this map you’re talking was hard to fit between the Macintosh Hills and the Bone Dry Desert.