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Inspiration taken in part from the fanfic Drinks are on Us
suggestive132853 artist:worstsousaphonehorse104 edit123199 applejack162776 equestria girls187885 absurd resolution64349 applejack's hat6062 big breasts73994 boob window1144 breast edit1835 breast expansion3161 breasts254815 busty applejack9586 cowboy hat14093 expansion786 female1287664 freckles26271 growth5231 hat79689 midriff18527 nervous5299 show accurate11789 simple background362038 solo1005122 solo female171877 transparent background187570 vector72856 wardrobe malfunction4787


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Background Pony #30B6
This pic can also be known as, "Where was Applejack when the Bimbo Virus hit?"