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Flurry Heart babying the Cutie Mark Crusaders while they were trying to babysit her.

Since Flurry Heart is still a baby herself, I figure she wouldn't be very good at taking care of babies, so I have her overfeeding Applebloom baby food, putting multiple layers of diapers on Sweetie Belle, and dressing Scootaloo backwards.
questionable107738 artist:boxtrot43 apple bloom47514 princess flurry heart6641 scootaloo49645 sweetie belle47293 alicorn206091 earth pony215958 pegasus257329 pony883554 unicorn285294 anal insertion7872 apple blob136 baby9894 baby food48 blushing182573 bonnet400 cutie mark crusaders18351 diaper12651 diaper fetish9247 diaper on face5 fat20665 fattening52 female1286246 fetish36616 force feeding781 humiliation2010 insertion16111 levitation11147 magic68452 messy eating1095 missing cutie mark4205 multiple diapers20 non-baby in diaper9120 pacifier2497 poofy diaper4199 stuffing1181 sweat24230 sweatdrops470 telekinesis25639 triple diaper6 weight gain3827


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@northern haste
Yeah, someone on FurAffinity reminded me that since the CMC got their Cutie Marks before Flurry Heart was born, they should have them here.
I haven't watched the show in a while, so I forgot…
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Monde de merde
Good thing cartoon logic is obviously at play here, because if it wasn't for Scootaloo's blush and sweatdrops being visible through her diaper, I'd worry she might suffocate in that thing.
Little Ribbon
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Flurry is powerful enough to treat just about any pony as a baby doll, but it's very cute with the CMC. Apple Bloom is the cutest here, IMO.
Poor Scoots though