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safe1597184 artist:arima44 edit121196 edited screencap58351 screencap208176 babs seed5579 kettle corn252 rainbow dash222130 rarity172180 tender taps650 earth pony209778 pony866903 marks and recreation738 011 analysis232 apple15026 bottle3652 calligraphy50 candy6153 circle249 circle painting22 colt13508 educational59 female1270500 filly60540 foal14970 food62891 grapes415 gundam475 japan1183 japanese8007 lemon296 looking at you149266 looking back50757 male337589 milk3941 milk bottle99 mouth hold15709 orange873 paint1784 paintbrush1496 painting3330 pictures67 sd gundam13 smiling220470 solo990102 super nintendo163 super robot wars63 video game4613 zero151 zeta gundam26


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Well she like haiku too so I kinda doubt it was coincidence …..

noun UK ​ /kəʊˈɪn.sɪ.dəns/ US ​ /koʊˈɪn.sɪ.dəns/
coincidence noun (SAME TIME)

B2 [ C ] an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising:
You chose exactly the same wallpaper as us — what a coincidence!
Is it just a coincidence that the wife of the man who ran the competition won first prize?
a series of strange/amazing coincidences
You just provided me an example for a literal Dictionary definition of the word Coincedence. An Ensō (again, the easiest symbol in the world to make by accident since it's just literally drawing a circle) and a Haiku is a neat parallel, but I don't find it proof enough that it was done deliberately.

It would be cool if that is the intention, but it is far too flimsy a piece of evidence, unless someone comes out and says, "Yeah we did intend that."
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9 years later, she becomes the mastermind behind the Nonary Game, during which she is known only as Zero.
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Ok, I have a feeling this was a very subtle foreshadowing that she was good at Haiku. So her circle painting can actually have a use in her talent at least in some way.