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Inktober day 1 #inktober #inktober2017
safe (1092922)artist:brainiac (614)oc (355916)oc:blackjack (1308)oc only (281384)armor (11927)black and white (5663)clothes (238987)cyborg (1691)fallout equestria (9540)female (394153)floppy ears (26306)grayscale (19342)hand (4550)ink (659)inktober (613)mare (160702)monochrome (108429)robot hands (4)robot limbs (3)screws (27)solo (655304)text (24557)traditional art (69649)unicorn (90651)


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That’s what matters, ultimately. Nice art style, very unique!
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Blackjack then bumps an ancient wreck of a jukebox, only for a stash of whiskey to fall out of it.
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