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WEBM version: >>1549152
safe1676957 screencap218397 golden delicious117 minuette5752 moondancer4761 twilight sparkle296770 twinkleshine2223 alicorn218815 earth pony238004 pegasus280547 pony939669 unicorn311311 my little pony: the movie18783 animated97149 apple family member2781 background pony10150 bridge1116 discovery family logo11648 female1336850 flying37299 gif30110 male362819 mare466757 singing6207 splash337 stallion104890 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122163 unnamed pony1820 water12760


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I'm not famous.
I was aware of Lemon Hearts being in that scene near the end, but I don't remember definitively seeing Lyra in any screenshots. I know they recolored one scene to change the characters from well-known bg ponies to less-known ones, but I don't know if that was just for a trailer or for the final film.
Background Pony #0A5F
So everyone is pretty much accounted for in Twilight’s Unicorn Harem in this movie EXCEPT…sniffs