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Equestria at War

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My first commission. Full size pic 4000x3200
explicit (270705)grimdark (30292)artist:fbertu (101)adagio dazzle (10630)aria blaze (8286)sonata dusk (11548)twilight sparkle (250386)balls (55169)bondage (25635)breasts (190092)commission (37556)cum (62383)cumming (15307)disembodied penis (6350)feet (28093)female (707551)female on futa (511)fingering (3314)foot fetish (5413)foot worship (414)foreskin (2094)futa (35739)futa twilight sparkle (4295)hand (6438)human (125488)humanized (86484)human penis (9888)intersex (33702)licking (14754)licking foot (264)nipple licking (174)nipple piercing (3625)nipples (110704)nudity (281905)orgasm (6452)overstimulation (3)penis (116219)penis milking (454)phimosis (178)piercing (26308)rape (7047)sex toy (19749)the dazzlings (3638)tickling (3558)torture (691)

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Mister Cliff
Wallet After Summer Sale

(Previously known as doctor clifton)

This is good, but the only thing that bothers me is the colouring of the head of Twilight’s penis. The shade of blood-red makes it appear as though the sirens are ripping off the skin.
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ponysopher's avatar
I am fully aware of the difficulty required. I was merely expressing a wish.

Most people react this way because I think most people appreciate the artist’s work greatly that the particular work in question is marvelous but for the fact that they aren’t bi-sexual and can’t decide whether they find the work stimulating or not.
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Yet One More Idiot's avatar
Yet One More Idiot

(Previously known as Yet_One_More_Idiot)

World's biggest idiot xD
Also I find it interesting that some peoples’ first reaction when checking out a futa pic is "Nice…but I wish they’d do a non-futa edit".

…like there isn’t enough non-futa porn out there for people to enjoy already. :P
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