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I was thinking that, I don’t make OCxCanon couples in MLP anymore, with a few exceptions. And that’s why Boldcutie and Trixie aren’t couple anymore, and Boldcutie is a single king of Unicong.
But anyway, I was thinking that almost everybody used Twilight and Comet Tail as couple, before Flash Sentry. And when Flash Sentry charmed Twilight, I feels bad for Comet Tail, and TwilightxComet fans. And because I’m now TwilightxFlash fan, I was thinking special somepony for Comet Tail, and at same time I wasn’t really interested to make OCxCanon couples in MLP, so I tough Trixie (Twilight’s rival) could be good choose, plus Trixie need special somepony too (NOT Blueblood). So there’s new picture of my new MLP couple. 
I don’t know about you, but I like this solution already.^^

Trixie and Comet Tail by Hasbro and


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